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Article: Kim Jong Guk ‘saves’ by washing and reusing his disposable wipes despite being rich

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+287] It might sound horrifying to some but we need more people like Kim Jong Guk for the sake of our environment. I think what he’s doing is better than people who abuse single use products… 

2. [+138] I thought he was doing an amazing job while watching the show. It’s not always about saving money but helping the environment too ^^

3. [+51] Good good 👏👏👏 very cool of him

4. [+49] For the sake of the environment, people should use reusable cloth rag rather than disposable wipes

5. [+38] Savings aside, I think it’s good that he’s thinking of the environment

6. [+15] What he’s doing is cool as long as he’s not forcing other people to do it too

7. [+5] He should just use a reusable rag rather than reusing disposable wipes…

8. [+3] It’s daebak what he’s doing but.. living like this will make it difficult for him to find a woman to marry. It’s a hard life on the woman..

9. [+3] I don’t think this is a proper way to save. It’s better to reduce than it is to reuse something that’s meant to be disposable. Just use a cloth rag.

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