Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo share a moment at the BIFF ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Kim Min Hee hugs Hong Sang Soo tight as he wins Berlin director award

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+3,575, -331] Really gross

2. [+3,467, -288] Ugh, they’re so gross. Imagine being his wife and daughter and having to see this..

3. [+3,082, -246] Please don’t forget that you’re human beings

4. [+106, -12] Imagine the sacrifices his family had to make for him to build his career this far.. and now he’s enjoying the honors of it with a younger girlfriend…

5. [+100, -13] He has no respect for his girlfriend at all. At least dye your hair and put some effort in.

6. [+87, -14] His daughter’s college-aged, she must feel really hurt by this. She can’t even avoid hearing news about him since he’s a public figure.

7. [+70, -22] Ugh~ gross

8. [+61, -12] At the end of the day, they’re still having an affair

9. [+44, -11] They look like grandpa and his granddaughter. Kim Min Hee’s hair style makes her look even younger.

10. [+36, -5] I feel so bad for Kim Min Hee. Other celebrities who are way lower in tier than her are living happy lives with marriage and children… What crime did she commit in her past life for her to be so obsessed with a useless old man like him? ㅋㅋ And now she’ll be branded an adulterer for life ㅋㅋ I feel super bad for her.

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