Kim Sae-ron discovered drinking at a bar after “drunk driving” scandal + claims she was a “part-timer” due to financial hardships under suspicion

Article: ‘Drunk driving accident’ Kim Sae-ron, doubting her sincerity during self-reflection… “Birthday party held at a bar, with preparations for alcohol”

Source: Herald Pop

Actress Kim Sae-ron‘s claims that she was a part-timer are raising eyebrows.

On the 4th, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled “Kim Sae-ron, a part-timer at a café? in tears.. reasons to doubt the authenticity of her claims.” In the video, Lee Jin-ho revealed, “The main content of this video today is to talk about the Kim Sae-ron report yesterday that she was a part-timer at a café due to financial hardships from the drunk driving scandal. There are things that need to be further addressed and reasons to doubt whether she sincerely reflected.”

“After the broadcast yesterday, several reports started pouring in. It was about Kim Sae-ron’s claims that she was working part-time at a café. Did she really work there as she’s claiming? I think it’s necessary to think about her sincerity first. There are a lot of reports coming out about Kim Sae-ron’s drinking and one that came from Kim Sae-ron’s own birthday party.”

“Kim Sae-ron’s birthday was July 31 and her drunk driving scandal happened in May. For her birthday, she personally prepared invites and sent them to acquaintances. If you look at the invitation letter, the address for the event is at a bar with preparations for alcohol. That’s where she chose to hold her birthday party and invited her acquaintances.”

“This was a month after she had just been forwarded to the prosecution for her drunk driving accident. I received a lot of other reports in addition to this but I wanted to share this one with you because I have evidence and can confirm this report with certainty.”

Meanwhile, rumors that actress Kim Sae-ron worked as part-timer began circulating after an exclusive report from Maeil Business. Her agency Gold Medalist told Herald Pop on the 4th, “It’s true that she was a part-timer at a café due to difficulties in her life. She’s not currently doing it.”

  1. [+2,652, -28] I’m not curious at all and don’t want to know.
  2. [+2,181, -29] And… all kids her age live like that.
  3. [+1,782, 34] How the hell is she spending her money that she needed to take a part-time job a few months after hiatus.. this is clearly media play ㅋㅋ? So ridiculous, she’s trying to get people to feel sorry for her. 
  4. [+713, -8] What the hell? Sounds like a lot of bullsh** 
  5. [+580, -13] Yea.. don’t ever worry about celebrities.
  6. [+264, -0] Then why is she driving Range Rovers and Bentleys if she’s under so much financial hardship.. let’s do it moderately please.
  7. [+221, -1] She’s driving Range Rovers and Bentleys worth over 200 million won but she’s living in hardship… so she’s broke but needs to maintain her vanity.. ㅋㅋㅋ
  8. [+170, -0] Financial difficulties, meaning she won’t be able to spend lavishly buying luxurious goods for a while.. 
  9. [+46, -1] She’s looking to crawl out soon ㅋㅋ
  10. [+44, -1] Aigoo, even a passing dog would laugh ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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