Kim Won Joong and Kwak Ji Young apologizes for adopting a puppy from a pet shop ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Kim Won Joong ♥ Kwak Ji Young apologizes for controversy surrounding pet shop adoption “I’m embarrassed and regret it”

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+2,064, -171] Enough’s enough… I bet some of the people who are making all this fuss adopted their own pets from pet shops too. Enough’s enough.

2. [+2m029, -83] What people mean is that it’s better to adopt from a shelter if possible, not that you should only adopt from shelters. There are some people who shouldn’t be adopting from even shelters because you never know how you’re going to deal with an animal that has its own past of pain.

3. [+1,397, -140] This is why some people are better off just staying quiet. They purposely put the pet on ‘display’ and are now getting hate for it.

4. [+151, -16] Pet shop or shelter, they’re all precious lives… isn’t it most important that they meet a forever family in the end? The couple is free to choose where they want to adopt from, I don’t think they’re deserving of criticism for it… Now that the puppy is family, I hope that people watch over them and make sure that it’s a family for life…

5. [+125, -25] If adopting from pet shops is wrong, then shouldn’t pet shops be illegal? Some people will make a fuss out of anything.

6. [+98, -18] Whether you adopt from a pet shop or a shelter, I don’t see a problem with either option as long as you make sure you keep the pet until their last day on earth

7. [+70, -2] Adopting from a shelter is a ‘plus’ but you shouldn’t be criticized just because you didn’t. For first time owners, it’s sometimes better to have a younger pet and let it grow up with them. You can’t just adopt a shelter pet without knowing anything about them. There’s a higher chance that it’ll be returned to the shelter. I love pets myself but I think some people need to stay within their lines.

8. [+62, -8] You’re free to recommend what someone should do but don’t force your ideals onto them

9. [+49, -9] Whether a shelter pet or a pet shop pet.. all that matters is that it’s the right fit for you… If none of the animals at the shelter feel right in your heart, then you can adopt from a pet shop.. what’s all the fuss for? Why force someone to adopt from a shelter and risk the pet being returned??

10. [+36, -3] All they had to do was just announce that they have a new family member but all the unnecessary details is what caused this mess

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