Kim Yuna and Cha Eunwoo at the exhibition yesterday

Yesterday at the Seoul Art Museum
At the exhibition sponsored by Dior Beauty

Kim Yuna and Cha Eunwoo were there

1. I envy them for that luxury ㅠㅠㅠ

2. The two of them are works of art at the exhibition…

3. Wow, it’s a combination I never thought of before, but looking at them like this, they look so good together…

4. Cha Eunwoo is seriously handsome

5. Crazy, aren’t the two of them wax dolls;;

6. Oh my gosh… It’s like the two of them are living in another world

7. It won’t happen, but I wish they could do something together..

8. Wow Cha Eunwoo is crazy

9. Yuna is so pretty and wow Cha Eunwoo is really handsome

10. Yuna is crazy… They look like prince and princess

11. Yuna is really elegant ㅠㅠ She’s just a queen…

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