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Article: Anonymous person mourns Sewol Ferry by leaving ‘Nike’ clothes after hearing of victim’s mother worrying about her child dying with no brand name clothes

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A story of an anonymous person mourning the Sewol Ferry sinking by leaving Nike clothes and a letter for a victim and their mother has touched the hearts of netizens. The mother had initially given an interview in 2014 on the month of the sinking explaining, “Every time they discover a body, they use brand names as identifying marks, whether they were wearing Adidas, Nike, or Ralph Lauren… I was too poor to buy my kid any of those things so I’m out here worried in case they aren’t able to find him.” After hearing her interview, someone left Nike clothes at the memorial altar and a letter saying, “I came back because I felt I couldn’t bear not leaving something like this. My heart broke when I heard of your mother worrying about not being able to find you because she did not dress you in brand clothes. I don’t know if you’ve met her yet but please grab her hands and let her know that you’re okay, that she can stop crying. And please forgive the people.” 

1. [+963] I think the majority of our country knows what they were doing on 4/16/2014… I remember I had finished three homeworks in a rush and had pulled an all nighter for my midterm and heard about the sinking on my way to the exam…

2. [+394] Ever since I was little, I never grew up wanting brand name things, and always cared more about quality than name when I grew up to buy my own things. But now that I have a child, I search for brand names only. I don’t want to think of my child feeling inadequate when he’s out there alone. I understand how this mother must feel so hard and it breaks my heart. I hope that her kid is in a place where things like brand, money, hate, and regret don’t exist. 

3. [+142] Ah, I’m tearing up ㅠㅠ

4. [+5] I’m tearing up.. sigh.. my heart feels so heavy… ㅠ

5. [+2] It’s already been seven years… I remember crying for days after hearing about this news seven years ago. I hope the children are in a better place now and that those who are living on without them don’t blame themselves for any of this…

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