Korean netizens are talking about BLACKPINK Jennie’s personality

I’m not BLINK, I’m curious about Jennie’s personality

What is her personality?

1. I’m curious too.. I just know how cute she acted with Kwang Soo in Running Man

2. It’s just adorable, actions, words, everythingㅋㅋㅋ

3. She’s just a little whiny, but basically she’s cute and obedient

4. She’s innocent, she seems very nice to others, but her spirit is so strong, so maybe she always attracts people…

5. She’s calm and delicate, the members say that she doesn’t have much aegyo and is so classy

6. She’s so cute and I think she’s an introvert

7. She’s seriously cute, unlike Jisoo, she’s like a kid

8. Please watch Jennie’s vlog! She’s so cute

9. I’m not a fan either, I’ve watched a few of her videos and I think she’s an introvert

10. She’s so cute but classy

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