Korean netizens point out BTS’s representative song

If you had to choose just one representative song of BTS…?

1 I Need U
3 Dynamite

1. For me it’s Dynamite

2. Dynamite! Even my parents know this song

3. I think of Blood Sweat & Tears..!!

4. When I think of the song that represents BTS, it’s Fire

5. For me it’s Fire

6. Blood Sweat & Tears…! Other songs can’t compare…

7. My favorite song is DNA, but if it’s the representative song, it’s Dynamite!

8. I think of Blood Sweat & Tears but I’m surprised because it’s not on the list

9. Am I the only one who thinks it’s Spring Day?

10. For me it’s Mic Drop

11. I feel like Dynamite is the most influential song overseas or in Korea

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