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Koreans demand drug investigations into idols and celebrities including “cheating” scandal trio ‘GD-Jennie-V’

Article: After Lee Sung-Kyun, GD also booked on drug charges, a wave hits the entertainment industry.

Source: Chosun Ilbo

A wave has hit the Korean entertainment industry. 

Following actor Lee Sung-Kyun (48)’s arrest for drug use, police have confirmed that Big Bang G-Dragon (35) has also been booked and is currently being investigated for drug use. 

Police stated however that “G-Dragon’s case is a separate case and had nothing to do with Lee Sung-Kyun’s drug use case.” G-Dragon was previously investigated in 2011 for smoking marijuana but the indictment was suspended at the time. 

  1. [+1,182, -7] They probably aren’t the only ones either. Since we have declared a war on drugs, all celebrities must be tested for drugs! I think a lot of celebrities are using drugs. We need to eradicate drugs from the entertainment industry.
  2. [+664, -19] This is serious! Minister Han also indicated drug investigations are important but left-wing lawmakers questioned him because they don’t consider drug crimes a big deal. Aren’t drug crimes worse that your typical criminal? Communist followers still haven’t learned anything. China itself is on the verge of ruin from opium. It’s not even possible to estimate how many people are abusing drugs in our country because of how rampant it is now. If the ruling party doesn’t win the general election next, we need to courageously vote with mindset that’s it’s the end of our country.
  3. [+319, -3] Ah, so that’s G-Dragon, T.O.P, Seungri.. is Taeyang the only one that survived..?
  4. [+310, -6] Celebrities abusing drugs has a huge ripple effect. Drugs are spreading indiscriminately throughout society now, from academy districts to ordinary homes even among military, it’s a real big problem. Druggies, especially those that distribute them need to get hit with the highest punishments!! Leftist Moon Jae-in’s five years in power really collapsed our country into chaos and drugs in particular rampantly spread. We need to declare a war on drugs and eradicate it all!! This seems to be the last chance to prevent any distribution. The fact that Democratic Party’s drug crackdown is now being used for political purposes is a huge issue too and needs to stop before our country becomes a druggie haven.
  5. [+72, -1] Yoo Ah-in, Kwon Ji-yong, is really not that shocking, we knew they were druggies anyway.. but Lee Sung Kyun.. now that was surprising.. 
  6. [+68, -0] Is there anyone that thought G-Dragon wasn’t a druggie? His eyes were always wide open.. his speech very similar to Yoo Ah-in’s.. 
  7. [+47, -0] Re-investigate Burning Sun!!! Re-investigate everything inspected at the Gangnam Yeoksam Police Station!!!!!
  8. [+45, -0] We need to nationally mandate drug tests during annual health checkups.. 
  9. [+35, -1] I knew he was a druggie right away ever since I saw him. There’s a reason why I didn’t like him from the beginning..
  10. [+33, -0] Not one single day has gone by without the topic of drugs coming up.. this is what our country’s government has dragged us to.
  11. [+28, -2] Just like sports athletes are tested for doping, all celebrities and idols should be tested for drugs.. I’m sure there’s tons of druggies among them!!
  12. [+26, -0] Honestly, if they’re going after GD, shouldn’t they do it with Jennie too?? After that, V too??? I mean.. what those 3 have in common is that they’ve shown us their crazy sides.
  13. [+12, -1] Looks like YG got pissed when he decided to terminate his contract.. let’s dig out the Burning Sun case and start re-investigating!!!
  14. [+10, -1] Except for Taeyang, all Big Bang members have exploded in some scandal in one way or another.. it’s become a joke now that Big Bang physiognomy is a science.. this is really not shocking. But does anyone else get the feeling things are exploding in earnest now? Big Bang seems to really like drugs. If it’s proven he injected drugs, he should be thoroughly investigated and severely punished. 
  15. [+9, -0] YG is a pharmacy after all..  

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