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Koreans demand Lisa is “kicked out” of Blackpink for “cheapening” the group and K-pop’s image + Chinese authorities initiate “sanctions”

Article: Lisa in danger of being kicked out after ‘X-rated’ show… Bvlgari and Celine also cutting ties?

Source: No Cut News

Blackpink Lisa is facing severe backlash after appearing in a French “strip” show. She’s not only at risk of being kicked out in China but it appears she’s also being censored by luxury brands. 

On the 1st, Lisa’s Weibo account was suddenly deleted. To make matters worse, Chinese star Angelababy is also facing difficulties in the entertainment industry after all her appearances were edited out due to watching the ‘Crazy Horse‘ strip tease performance where Lisa appeared. 

According to reports, comprehensive sanctions have been initiated against Lisa for violating the ‘decency’ rule applicable to celebrities in China. The China Performing Industry Association’s “Celebrity Self-Management Measures” stipulate that “entertainers must not organize, participate in, or promote pornography, gambling, drugs, violence, terrorism, etc.” In China, there is strong criticism that Lisa participated in ‘Crazy Horse,’ a show that commercializes women and promotes vulgar and obscene performances. 

Companies that have sensed this unusual trend are also moving quickly. Luxury brands where Lisa is an ambassador such as BVLGARI and CELINE are, one after another, deleting or making Lisa’s photos private on their Chinese SNS accounts. Since the Chinese market accounts for a significant portion of global luxury goods consumption, Lisa’s current crisis is bound to be a burden for these brands. 

The ‘Korean Wave‘, although not officially recognized by Chinese authorities, has continued for several years despite roadblocks in China. Lisa, a Thai national, has been relatively free in her activities in China despite being a K-pop idol, but considering precedent, it’s clear that the deletion of her Weibo account is a signal of censorship from authorities.

A “warning light” has been turned on for Lisa’s activities in China as her “Crazy Horse” performance continues to cause controversy. 

  1. [+1,389, -2] She tainted the image of our K-pop with her p*rn performance. I never imagined seeing a Korean idol ever performing in a place like that!
  2. [+973, -47] And they were so proud raising her up thinking she’d turn out wellㅋㅎ
  3. [+802, -35] Korean idols need to be careful too.. trying to gain fame with provocative tactics will only make you look cheap. Hwasa too, she’s trying to use her body to gain popularity when she should be focusing on competing with her singing skills instead.
  4. [+556, -17] It’s crazy to imagine an idol, and a veteran at that, doing a strip tease on stage.. 
  5. [+177, -5] She’s a Thai after all.. they’re known for stripping naked and doing all kinds of dirty p*rn shows for a meal. Honestly, if she wasn’t in Blackpink, she’d probably be stripping nude in Thailand. Who’s to stop her from doing things she enjoys. This is the difference in culture with our country.
  6. [+138, -7] Blackpink’s entry to China is forever ruined now because of Lisa. YG also opposed it but she stubbornly chose to appear anyway causing massive losses to YG, shareholders, and YG employees. If you were to calculate the income from concerts, album sales, luxury brand CFs etc., they’re losing out on billions and tens of billions of won. On top of that, she also tarnished K-pop and Blackpink’s image too~ Korean idols at least pretend to apologize when they do things like this but Lisa even left a comment on IG that she’d run if she got called out for another X-rated show.
  7. [+102, -5] This is what happens when you’re jobless and booking your own gigs. All the issues started when they let Jennie do dirty s*x scenes with men on an American drama… really makes you wonder if this is their true character. 
  8. [+99, -1] Jennie, and now Lisa both came out on weird p*rn shows.. her song is decent and they have fame already so why are they like this?
  9. [+88, -1] Kick her out! Looks like dating a top chaebol heir made her lose her brains and gain stomach of steel!
  10. [+75, -2] She would’ve been sitting on money cushions if she had just stayed still but she can’t tell the difference between poop and sh*ts.. she got too arrogant thinking she can do anything.
  11. [+73, -2] F*ck off to your country! This b*tch really made Blackpink look dirty and cheap! No more foreigner idols!! Let’s stick with Korean-only idols like BTS.
  12. [+64, -3] She really decided to plaster herself and ride the coat-tails of her chaebol boyfriend and caused a fuss without thinking of her agency or fans. Just because you got some freedom doesn’t mean you throw yourself into anything and everything!
  13. [+60, -4] Eh.. Jennie’s s*x dance was dirtier.. 
  14. [+46, -2] Jennie’s like that too. Just look at her high-level acting and cheap looks at her American drama debut.. the only answer is for Blackpink to disband!
  15. [+39, -1] Lisa is always the problem!! I’d rather YG just kick Lisa out or debut a new Blackpink!

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