Kris Wu’s youngest alleged victim is 12 years old

Article: The youngest victim of Wu Yifan is 12 years old

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+310] If you look at the comments on Wu Yifan’s Instagram, they’re a mess… Despite all that he’s done, there are fans still supporting him with comments like “we love u❤” and even some offering to go to jail with him

2. [+149] Is he crazy?

3. [+91] He’s crazy

4. [+88] This ba$tard’s crazy

5. [+52] Crazy…

6. [+38] As expected of fans of such a celebrity…

7. [+33] Death penalty 🔥

8. [+28] I hope he gets penalized according to Chinese law, please…

9. [+2] Oh gross

10. [+1] Hul…

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