Kyuhyun criticized for appearing in Taeyeon’s video call with fans

Kyuhyun appeared in Taeyeon’s video call with fans

1. I feel sorry for the fan who spent a lot of money on that event

2. The fans must have spent a lot of money ㅜㅜ Kyuhyun is so thoughtless

3. I thought it was a fun post, but I was surprised to see the malicious comments..

4. He has a lot of fans but he doesn’t even understand his fans because he never had to buy so many albums and wait for the chance to talk to his favorite idol

5. Hul.. Kyuhyun-ah, why did you do that?ㅜㅜ

6. If it was a female idol, she would be buried

7. I thought Kyuhyun appeared as a fan… What the hell is this?…

8. Is he crazy? He’s so thoughtless

9. Seriously, why did he do this…??? Who are the fans who want to see his face when they talk to their favorite idol…???

10. The fans spent a lot of money on that event.. They must be so upset

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