LE SSERAFIM as a 5-member group recently

1. I think a 4-member group without any right-wing controversy would be perfect

2. Wow, Chaewon and Sakura are so skinny

3. When that member disappeared, Eunchae caught my eye

4. Seriously, the 5 member group is more stable and the members look better

5. Please, let’s keep promoting like this. Please kick her out of the group

6. Now is the perfect time, let’s promote as a 5 member group

7. Huh Yunjin looks really pretty, she’s the one that catches my eye the most

8. Because the images do not overlap, each person will stand out more

9. I like all the pictures where Eunchae is in the center~ They look so good together ㅋㅋ Eunchae is so cute

10. Eunchae is the center so they look stable

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