Leaked photo of BTS V’s “hot embrace” of Jennie goes viral + V rumored to have met Jennie’s mother in more leaked pictures

Article: ‘V-Jennie’ ‘forehead kiss’ leaked… finally exploded

Source: inews24

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie‘s “kissing” pictures have been leaked. 

On the 2nd, a photo of a man kissing the forehead of a woman who looks like Jennie is circulating in online communities and social media. The exposer who leaked their pictures had previously predicted the leak stating that “there is a photo of the two kissing on the forehead.” 

In another photo, V is seen smiling brightly in a video call with a woman wearing a comfortable outfit.

Another photo that went viral on the same day shows a woman (Jennie) hugging a man’s arms and he’s holding her hand affectionately from behind in a ‘hot embrace.’  

Another photo that’s causing a stir, shows a man, presumed to be V, laying down on a sofa in the living room. Although the man’s face is not clearly exposed, netizens speculated it was V based on his slightly exposed eyes and jawline. 

The cat next to V is Jennie’s mother’s cat, leading to suspicions that the two are enjoying a date at their home. Jennie had previously posted a picture of herself with the cat on IG. 

Netizen shared reactions writing, “I think the two are really close..” “Looks like V met Jennie’s mother?”

Meanwhile, Big Hit and YG Entertainment are remaining ‘silent’ and have yet to make a statement. 

Additional source(s): Money Today, Sports Kyunghyang

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