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Lee Dong Wook is the Shincheonji celebrity?… Agency’s side “Dissemination of false character, will take strong legal action”

Lee Dong Wook denies involvement with Shincheonji

“Hello, this is King Kong by Starship.

Recently, we have confirmed that false rumors are being spread about our artist being involved in a special religion.

With regards to this, we plan to take strong legal action against the cultivation of baseless rumors, malicious slander, and comments that defame our artist’s character. We will also be taking legal action against behavior that spreads or reproduces these rumors and damages our artist’s character and good name.

Our agency will continue to actively monitor the situation so that further damage does not occur. We will do our best to protect our artists by pursuing strong legal action without compromise.

Thank you for loving and supporting our agency artists.” cr

original post: naver

1. [+6819, -55] Shut up, Lee Dong Wook is the grim reaper

2. [+3995, -167] Why do they always splash water on celebrities? It’s already weird that we call out celebrities for donations; and now we’re even going to make rumors;;

3. [+3374, -112] Lee Dong Wook is the type that can make a religion with his face.

4. [+681, -42] Stop spreading false rumors about celebrities

5. [+511, -16] What in the world are their basis?

6. [+256, -13] Even if it’s not Lee Dong Wook, there will be some other celebrities.

7. [+234, -1] Before you find a celebrity in Shincheonji, find a politician

8. [+180, -7] I hope the list of celebrities, politicians, and acquaintances of Shincheonji will be released.

9. [+186, -23] Don’t touch Lee Dong Wook.

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