Lee Eun Sang Explains What Kind Of Person He Is And His Hopes For The Future

In the June issue of Dazed Korea, Lee Eun Sang spoke about what kind of person he is and how he sees his future.

The interviewer described Lee Eun Sang as someone who appears unstoppable, confident, and free spirited, and who is well aware of their own strengths. He explained how he views himself, saying, “I’m the type of person who criticizes myself. I don’t know if I look like I’m exhausted or having a hard time to others, but I keep motivating myself to continue achieving.”

He continued, “I think the sense of accomplishment I get from this is really important. I do get stressed, but the happiness I gain from these precious experiences after tirelessly working helps relieve that stress.”

When asked how he sees his future, Lee Eun Sang answered, “I think I will continue to search for things I want to do. Even now, I constantly think about what I can do to fill my spare time.”

Lee Eun Sang added, “Recently, in addition to music, I’ve had good opportunities to pursue acting, and my interest in acting has naturally grown. I plan to diligently practice so I can increase the number of auditions I go to. As long as I have many opportunities to gain experience, I don’t think there could be anything better. I want to challenge myself in the field of acting.”

You can check out Lee Eun Sang’s full pictorial and interview in the June issue of Dazed Korea.

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