Lee Hyori gives her tenants a month of free rent ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: [Exclusive] Lee Hyori is not collecting rent… joining the ranks of ‘kind landlords’

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+607, -37] This is why she’s so popular

2. [+514, -22] These kind of landlords only exist on TV… my landlord actually asked me if they could raise the rent…

3. [+386, -27] So great to see such uplifting news during these difficult times. It really gives me strength!!

4. [+32, -6] Even 10%, 50% discounts are big but 100% discounts are true gifts

5. [+28, -4] Hul, other celebrities are still accepting half but Lee Hyori put it to 0, daebak

6. [+20, -52] She tries to act like she’s living in nature on Jeju Island but she’s just another Hannam-dong landlord receiving rent every month. She benefits the most from capitalism.

7. [+14, -2] How is it that every celebrity owns a building? Whenever I see rookie idols on TV talking about how their dream is to be a building owner, I wonder if there’s truly a future left for our country.

8. [+13, -5] Hul, a whole month of rent for free? Daebaak… Meanwhile a certain star by the name of Jun-ssi put off donating until she was cornered into donating 100 million won and then discounting 10% off rent for her tenants..

9. [+13, -4] As expected of Mother Hyoresa ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

10. [+12, -0] Every celebrity seems to own a building

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