Lee Hyori purchases a 5.8 billion won building ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Lee Hyori buys a 5.8 billion won building in Hannamdong… ‘co-owners’ with Lee Sang Soon

Source: Money Today via Nate

1. [+2,536, -143] Lucky Sang Soon-ssi, he’s like a male Cinderella ^^

2. [+1,576, -50] I’m craving some fried chicken and soju

3. [+402, -17] Imagine someone like Lee Hyori saying she wants to marry you… and then also finding out that she also has millions ㅋ Lee Sang Soon must’ve been Lee Soon Shin in his past life

4. [+166, -21] 5.8 billion won is pretty humble compared to how much she probably has. Even Han Seungyeon owns a 10 billion won building.

5. [+163, -28] She’s finally a building owner. Considering her income, you would think she’d own at least several by now.

6. [+146, -11] Apparently she got paid 100 million won per episode for ‘Hyori’s Home Stay’. Adding that up with ‘Camping Club’, she could easily buy a building off that income. It’s still amazing that she doesn’t take CF deals, though.

7. [+123, -19] She could’ve easily bought several buildings if she would just take her CF deals, I don’t get why she won’t

8. [+94, -19] She should’ve bought some buildings in Gangnam when her income was at its peak

9. [+89, -5] I’m honestly jealous that they don’t have to worry about money for the rest of their lives…

10. [+73, -10] Kwon Sang Woo owns a 70 billion won building so Lee Hyori’s pretty simple by comparison

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