Lee Ji Hoon will not accept extra compensation to refilm ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Lee Ji Hoon will not accept extra compensation for refilming ‘River Where the Moon Rises’

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,002] Ji Soo should have to pay for the actors’ compensation out of his own money…

2. [+699] Why all of this suffering because of Ji Soo

3. [+524] He’s taking on the burden himself when it was caused by someone else. This makes me want to watch the drama. I never knew it existed before all of this.

4. [+349] Ji Soo should have to compensate everyone

5. [+283] It’ll be good for his future prospects. Now directors will know they can cast him because they trust him to pull through.

6. [+109] So much suffering from all the staff, actors, directors because of Ji Soo. Imagine working so hard to film everything and then having to do it all over again.

7. [+131] What an amazing guy 😊

8. [+24] It should be coming out of Ji Soo’s money…

9. [+27] That is so kind of him

10. [+13] Ji Soo-ya, pay for this

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