Lee Seung Gi confirms he is in a relationship with Lee Da In ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In confirm relationship… “Met through golf, started dating 6 months ago”

Source: Newsis via Naver

1. [+2,113, -77] Of all people, why with Kyeon Miri’s daughter… crazy

2. [+1,131, -62] Seung Gi-ya, you can do so much better ㅜㅜ as the saying goes, a daughter is a reflection of her mother

3. [+946, -17] Never did I ever imagine that Lee Seung Gi would get involved with Kyeon Miri’s family ㅠ a family who only cares about money!! Wealth that was acquired by making others cry tears of blood!! This part of their family’s history should neve rbe ignored.

4. [+897, -99] Where’d Yoona go, why’s he dating this woman… Yoona is a thousand times better..

5. [+433, -23] You can’t date her because of Kyeon Miri!!!!

6. [+371, -3] He has no one else to date other than a scammer’s daughter? Seung Gi-ya, this is pathetic. 

7. [+361, -3] God gave him everything except an eye for women

8. [+213, -3] This happens in real life, too. There’s always that one seemingly normal man who everyone thinks is a catch who ends up ruining his life because he ends up dating some weird chick out of no where.

9. [+182, -2] Over 90% of the comments are against it.. Seung Gi-ya, you need to let this one go

10. [+183, -5] Seung Gi-ya, you need to consider the household she comes from… you can’t date a scammer… they’re basically sucking the bloods of commoners dry…

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