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Lee Seung Gi’s fans’ statement

Though one fan protested the couple’s dating news and marriage rumors, media outlets reported Lee Seung Gi’s fans were overall supportive of the romance. However, the singer-actor’s largest Korean fan club Lee Seung Gi Gallery released an official statement, denying they ever expressed support for Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s relationship.

Lee Seung Gi Gallery stated they respect the star’s personal life, but they would not support a relationship that could possibly disturb his career. Lee Da In’s parents and family were previously alleged to be involved in stock manipulation and insider trading, which reportedly led to financial losses and even suicide for some victims. Many of Lee Seung Gi’s fans are concerned the reputation of the actress’ family could affect him negatively.

The fan club announced, “Currently, there have ben articles by media claiming his fans support his relationship and falsely named Lee Seung Gi Gallery among them with a manipulated image of what’s claimed to be our official statement,” adding, “We’re like to make it clearly known that Lee Seung Gi Gallery respects Lee Seung Gi’s private life. However, no fans are able to support a relationship in which he receives criticism over a matter unrelated to him.” cr

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1. They respect his personal life, but they will not support his relationship, it’s the statement of the fans

2. The statement is good and neat

3. They respect but not support, that’s the best expression a fan can have

4. I respect his private life, but please don’t date her

5. Who spread the false statement??? There are so many weird people in the world

6. I changed the channel when I saw Lee Seung Gi…. I hate his relationship

7. Only the fans are pitiful….

8. I feel bad for the fans.. If I were a fan, I’d be mad

9. His image will be ruined if he marries her

10. Fans have been having a hard time

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