Lee Soo Man appointed as a research professor at KAIST

SM Entertainment’s head producer Lee Soo Man appointed as a research professor at KAIST

On February 25, Lee Soo Man was appointed as a research professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

In 2021, SM established a strategic partnership with KAIST for research into the field of Metaverse concerts/performances

1. People hate him because he has the Chinese dream, right? Singers and dancers also give presentations at universities, but I don’t think there’s any reason to criticize Lee Soo Man, who has led SM and K-Pop for decades, for this

2. ? The president of KAIST has the Chinese dream, right?

3. Wasn’t he wanted by Interpol? If it is a rumor, please correct it. Can you become a professor at KAIST even with a criminal record?

4. He isn’t a professor in the department of arts and sports, but he’s a professor at KAIST…?? This is ridiculous

5. KAIST’s level is dropping a lot, why is that person a professor??

6. So he will teach students to study hard and contribute to making China the best in the world?

7. Is he going to spread the Chinese dream?

8. Crazy, I’m doubting KAIST’s level

9. The person with the Chinese dream is a professor of a prestigious university in Korea?? It’s ridiculous

10. Looks like KAIST predicts that China will become the Silicon Valley of Asia

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