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Lee Soo Man, gives a woman 17 years his junior a villa that’s worth billions… “Lovers relationship”

SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man is rumored to have gifted a 5 billion Won ($4,329,570 USD) apartment to his alleged reporter girlfriend.

According to reports, Lee Soo Man gifted an exclusive villa apartment in Gangnam, Seoul with an area of 196.42 square meters to reporter ‘B’ this past March. He reportedly bought the apartment for 3.89 billion Won ($3,368,871.87 USD) in July of 2015. ‘B’ is said to be a foreign reporter from the Seoul branch of a North American broadcast company covering news in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. She’s also reported to be 17 years his junior. cr

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1. Old and Richㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I’m jealous of Lee Soo Man, I wish I could give my girlfriend a building that’s worth 5 billion won

3. Lee Soo Man is older than I thought

4. I hate Lee Soo Man because he can’t lose China, but this is his private life, so I don’t care

5. Be happy

6. It’s not adultery, and he’s not dating a young girl.. He has a lot of money, he can give it that way

7. It’s crazy when your boyfriend buys you a house as a gift

8. What the hell is this? Am I seeing Lee Soo Man’s dating news?

9. So Lee Soo Man is dating, right?

10. What… If you have a lot of money, you are attractive

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