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Lee Soo Man affirmed, “Korea and China should join forces to make China No. 1”

Back in February 2021, Lee Soo Man featured on tvN‘s Monthly Connect where he discussed the past, the present, and the future of K-Pop. With his veteran knowledge about the topic, many were intrigued by his interview and his answers. Four months following his interview, however, the SM Entertainment founder has become the center of scrutiny for a few of his statements.

When he was asked about the future of K-Pop, Lee Soo Man did not hesitate to mention China, where he discussed his beliefs about K-Pop’s “second revival in China.”

“K-pop will have its second revival in China. It is an era where we have to go to China to produce and create content so that it can become number 1 in the world. There are many talented individuals there.”

He also mentioned his desires to personally enter China, along with JYP Entertainment‘s Park Jin Young and HYBE‘s (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) Bang Si Hyuk to produce top quality content that would be ranked first in the world. Lee Soo Man also shared during the interview his beliefs about China successfully becoming the “Hollywood of Asia,” if they allow Korean producers to enter their market. cr

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1. This is why I have no sympathy for SM

2. Is he Korean? He’s a traitor

3. Let’s boycott SM

4. Hey old man, are you a traitor? If you like China so much, go to China

5. At this point, if someone told me he’s not just an honorary Chinese person, but a real Chinese person I’d believe them

6. Seriously, stop it. Is he crazy?

7. Well, there is a reason why there are always Chinese members every time an SM group is launched

8. He just stabbed us all in the back

9. F*ck, don’t go anywhere and say you’re Korean

10. He’s a f*cking traitor

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