LG develops face masks with electronic air filter technology ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Kyunghyang News via Daum

1. [+1,628, -15] LG never fails to disappoint… I like that they’re giving the option to medical staff first!!!! They’re doing a great job. LG has always excelled with electronics…

2. [+1,612, -28] The LG family has always quietly supported the independence movement… love YG♥♥♥♥

3. [+1,401, -29] LG is love. They are such a great model for Korean companies to follow.

4. [+1,365, -15] LG has always been great at their jobs, I wish them more success

5. [+1,030, -17] A model company!! LG

6. [+968, -8] That’s very cool of LG

7. [+645, -56] LG’s great at everything but cellphones

8. [+234, -52] LG can make anything great except for cellphones… it’s bizarre how their smartphones end up the way they do

9. [+49, -1] We are truly in dire need of more eco-friendly face mask options

10. [+34, -1] Wow, this is much needed

11. [+18, -0] I hope this hits the market soon. Face masks are so terrible for the environment… one time uses are such a waste…

12. [+9, -0] A company for the people

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