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Article: Black Pink’s Lisa rips up the stage to help labelmate senior iKON on ‘Kingdom’

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,092] Lisa’s their junior? She has the force of a senior

2. [+435] Lisa can be Cleopatra 😍

3. [+132] What’s with the comments..? Talking about how Lisa seems like the senior, is iKON really under YG… hurts my pride

4. [+273] A legendary stage.. please take an interest in iKON on ‘Kingdom’…!!

5. [+48] Now that’s just unfair

6. [+20] This is a must watch, it’s the outfit that was on Instagram

7. [+16] Hul so cool….❤️😍

8. [+17] iKON’s under YG?

9. [+9] As soon as I saw the teaser, I knew YG was doing their job. I wish we’d get a YG family concert..

10. [+4] What a legendary stage… just search iKON Kingdom on YouTube..

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