Lisa’s Southeast Asian fans start blaming Koreans again

Lisa’s Southeast Asian fans start blaming Koreans again

Because Lisa’s score on Melon is low, they’re saying that Koreans don’t deserve Lisa

original post: pann

1. [+261, -6] I feel sorry for the other members who have suffered from Lisa’s Southeast Asian fans since their debut daysㅋ Especially Jennie.. When she debuted solo, there were a lot of bad comments,, There are still a lot of negative comments about the MV

2. [+250, -6] Lisa’s fans in Southeast Asia really think we should thank Lisa for K-pop becoming more popular thanks to Lisa.. YG should also thank Lisa

3. [+105, -5] For real~ ~ ~ If they’re saying that, then why did she come to Korea for being an idol?

4. [+77, -2] Why are they blaming the Koreans when her song isn’t good..? If Lisa had released a good song, she would have taken No. 1. Not only BLACKPINK’s title songs but their b-side songs were also loved by the public

5. [+75, -1] I wish they could debut groups with only Koreans. I’m tired of this

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