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List of contestants of Mnet survival ‘Girls Planet 999’

CLC’s Choi Yujin
Cherry Bullet’s Bora
Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon
Former LipBubble member Dayeon
Former BUSTERS member Yeseo
Former ‘Produce 48’ contestant Kim Da Yeon
Loen Entertainment trainee Kim Yu Bin
TXT Hueningkai’s sister Huening Bahiye

Trainees NOT appearing on ‘Girls Planet 999’

JYP’s Ahn Yu Na
Former BUSTERS members Hyungseo & Chaeyeon
‘Idol School’ contestant Yoon Ji Woo cr

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1. I thought Hueningkai’s sister would go on ‘I-Land’ season 2

2. What is the difference with Produce? They’re just changing the name of the show

3. Should we boycott Mnet’s survival show? They just changed the name of the show

4. Just because there’s a different main PD this time around, that doesn’t mean they won’t try anything fishy again. It’s Mnet…

5. Can they just properly promote Cherry Bullet…

6. Is this a program that cooperates with China? Then if they debut, will they also promote in China??

7. Mnet again

8. Can they please just get rid of survival shows already

9. They’ll be manipulating it anyway…

10. I’m sick of this already

What do you think?

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