Looking at the views on BLACKPINK’s teaser, can’t believe the generation of female idols has changed

It’s just crazy…

1. The 3rd generation has never been replaced and they will go together

2. 3rd generation and 4th generation are working together, one day, when 5th generation opens, there will be almost no 3rd generation, except for a few groups

3. BLACKPINK is one of the top girl groups, so who cares about the generational change?

4. The 4th generation doesn’t replace the 3rd generation, but they go togetherㅋㅋㅋㅋ The top girl groups still from the 3rd generation

5. Because it’s BLACKPINK

6. BLACKPINK will always be on top…

7. 3rd generation and 4th generation coexist…. Just because we have jobs doesn’t mean our parents have to retire..

8. How can you compare 4th generation girl groups with BLACKPINK?


10. BLACKPINK is just a wall

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V is really popular in BTS

Who is the female idol that comes to mind when you think of SM, JYP, YG?