“Looks like Jennie’s iCloud was hacked” A new photo of V and Jennie revealed

V and Jennie, 4th dating rumors… This time it’s a selfie

"Looks like Jennie's iCloud was hacked" A new photo of V and Jennie revealed

A new photo allegedly showing Jennie and V together started spreading online on August 28th

1. Looks like Jennie’s iCloud was hacked

2. Do they plan on releasing each photo until they admit they’re dating? But I guess they might break up before the article comes out

3. I think Jennie’s phone was hacked

4. Now I just hope that only beautiful pictures are stored on Jennie’s phone

5. Whether they’re dating or not, leave them alone

6. What is the company doing…???

7. It will continue like that until they admit that they are dating

8. But the media and agencies don’t even mention hacking?

9. I like both of them, but I really don’t care about their private lives, so please stop

10. Honestly, it’s scary that it’s leaked like this

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