Looks like LE SSERAFIM is getting good reactions as a 5-member group

LE SSERAFIM with 5 members in today’s broadcast

1. The maknae looks so cute and fresh

2. But I can actually see Eunchae clearly because of the lack of Kim Garam… I haven’t seen her clearly before

3. Kazuha and Eunchae have good looking faces, Eunchae is so cute

4. Since there are 5 members, Eunchae looks so cute and pretty

5. Isn’t the 5 member group stable and better? The members are all outstanding

6. By the way, Sakura and Chaewon are in the same group, the chemistry is so good

7. The group looks much brighter and lively, the atmosphere is really much better

8. What is the name of the third member in the top picture? She looks fresh and cute, is she a member named Eunchae? There were a lot of people mentioning Eunchae in the comments

9. They’re all pretty, I like LE SSERAFIM as a 5-member group

10. The 5-member group is actually much better. I hope HYBE kicks the bully girl out of the group as soon as possible

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