Looks like the top visual idols of the 4th generation have finally appeared

ITZY’s visual member Yuna

Aespa’s visual member Karina

IVE’s visual member Jang Wonyoung

Kep1er’s visual member Shen Xiaoting

The groups’ visuals were affected because of the unedited and yellow filter of ‘Weekly Idol’ but

What’s up with her?..

1. [+114, -37] Seriously, Yuna looks so pretty..

2. [+94, -37] Looks like the two on top won in this one??

3. [+54, -5] But looking at Karina, I’m confused as to whether the mole under her mouth is a plus or minus on her face ㅜㅜ Sometimes she looks really attractive, but sometimes she looks old

4. [+49, -19] I’m sure this post wasn’t written by a fan, but honestly, if you show these pictures to people walking on the street and ask who is the prettiest, I bet 9 out of 10 people will choose the last girl

5. [+47, -14] Sullyoon is so pretty but the comments are a mess

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