LOONA Chuu’s comments at a recent fan meeting catch attention

Article: Ripple effect of LOONA Chuu’s exit.. conflicts with the agency and unfair treatment surface

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

Chuu (Kim Ji-woo)’s departure from LOONA is continuing to cause controversy.

In the process of Chuu being kicked from the group, the conflict between the two sides has surfaced. While Chuu’s leave from the group was already predicted, claims of “gapjil” and “staff abuse” by the Blockberry are coming as a shock to fans. 

Following Chuu’s absence from their concert on February 8th due to health reasons, Chuu also did not appear at the group’s North American Tour concert in June when rumors of dispute with the agency first surfaced. Along with this, fans raised suspicions that the agency was neglecting member Chuu on SNS with claims that Chuu was “traveling alone for her schedules” and “hails taxis or uses family car.”

Rumors that Chuu was also discussing an exclusive contract with By4M Studio surfaced and that Chuu had founded a company ‘Chuu Co. Ltd.‘ after leaving the agency.

Chuu’s decision to leave LOONA is causing a ripple effect and her comments from a fan meeting held on 10th of last month are catching attention. Chuu stated, “Because of things I can’t do anything about, don’t be surprised or flustered if articles come out around the end of the year. I’m working hard…” 

The scene where she couldn’t continue her words are further raising eyebrows. 

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