Luna reveals close friend’s death on TV, family of deceased claims consent was not requested ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Family of late Lee Ji Eun (Sophia) enraged, “Luna mentioned her without our consent… please don’t use her death for your gain”

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+1,346, -26] I think the family has every right to be angry… and yet f(x) fans have been sitting there consoling Luna, it’s crossing a line

2. [+942, -73] Aigoo, Luna-ya… why do you keep doing this…

3. [+885, -396] Why are they taking this up with Luna? Shouldn’t it be with the reporters who took her pictures and broadcast them without blurring it?;;;

4. [+134, -0] Either way, she’s not a celebrity, so it was wrong to show her face and real name on broadcast like that… it does nothing more than turn her into gossip.

5. [+128, -3] If there was no prior consent with the deceased’s family, then I can see how it is problematic

6. [+115, -4] What is the best comment saying? Why take it up with Luna? ㅋㅋㅋ Well Luna’s the one who went on TV and talked about her so of course the family is angry with her.

7. [+113, -2] I understand the family’s perspective ㅠ

8. [+101, -1] I can see how the family would think Luna is using her death since they never received notice or sought consent. I thought it was pretty weird how her full name was out and all when she wasn’t a celebrity.

9. [+77, -1] So you didn’t even get consent with the family before using her death for TV…

10. [+63, -2] Naver’s a mess right now with people searching ‘Lee Ji Eun’, ‘Lee Ji Eun Sophia’, ‘Lee Ji Eun’ death’ because people thought it was about IU. I’d hate it if my own family member had died but their name was trending and being confused with another celebrity. Her pictures, real name, all of it was released… At least blur them all out before broadcasting it. Both the broadcast company and Luna were thoughtless…

11. [+49, -1] Do not use the dead for your own gain. I can feel how angry the family is right now.

12. [+46, -1] When Luna randomly said that she wrote a song about Sulli’s death, I thought it was crossing the line. This is completely her fault as well for even allowing cameras to get footage of her friend’s memorial, not the reporter’s blame.

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