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Major title songs made by Park Jin Young for his girl groups


Tell Me

So hot


2 Different Tears

Be My Baby

Like this

I Feel You

24 hours

Bad Girl, Good Girl


Good-bye Baby

I don’t need a man



What is Love?

Feel Special


Mafia In the morning

original post: theqoo

1. I like TWICE’s What is Love? and Feel Special

2. I love Feel Special so much, I think it’s the best song out of TWICE’s songs

3. Wow, there are a lot of good songs

4. There are a lot of my favorite songs, we should admit that Park Jin Young is good at composing

5. His composing ability is good, but just stop writing the lyrics!

6. I like all the songs except Mafia In the morning. Feel Special is the best, it comforts me every time I listen to it

7. I think Park Jin Young and Miss A match well. Good-bye Baby is still good

8. I like all the songs, I also like Mafia In the morning. Park Jin Young’s songs are all good, but the rap parts aren’t that good ㅠ

9. I like all the songs, he’s a genius composer

10. Everything is good except Mafia In the morning

What do you think?

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