Male idol A arrested at his home in Gwangjin-gu for “injecting meth” + speculations pour in regarding A’s identity

Article: Male idol A in his 20s arrested for administering meth, “under investigation” 

Source: SPOTV News

Male idol A has been arrested by police for charges of drug use.

According to the Chosun Ilbo on the 4th, Nowon Police Station in Seoul arrested a man in his 20s at his home in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul and is investigating the case. A is suspected of injecting meth and police are reviewing the application for an arrest warrant after investigation.

A made his debut with his idol group in 2012 and halted activities after the group’s disbandment. 

  1. [+178, -51] If we miss the golden hour to get rid of drugs, our country is going to collapse into an abyss of druggies. Just look at the number of drug crimes and fatalities this year alone, they exceed the number of fatalities from the Itaewon disaster.
  2. [+164, -18] If you go to a club or someplace similar, never accept a drink from anyone, not even someone that looks like a decent kid. There are a lot of people that secretly drug others by pretending to offer hookah or e-cigs and end up making them do drugs. The number of people that have died because of this far exceeds those that died from Itaewon. This wasn’t always such a huge issue but North Korean drugs are very popular in clubs and quite addictive compared to other drugs. Drugs and politics are inseparable too. Didn’t you guys see that ugly shag girl try to take advantage of the Itaewon disaster to halt drug investigations? The amount of political funds from drugs alone are huge, that’s why prosecutors are busy trying to stop investigations by passing inspections. Please stay alert guys, I’m honestly scared what’s going to happen to our country in 3 years if we don’t address this drug issue.
  3. [+148, -1] I watched a drug documentary and was shocked at how prevalent the drug problem is in our country nowadays. So make kids, nieces, nephews, with many of them women have died from drug addictions because they were deliberately and secretly drugged at clubs. Every time they’d meet a man, they would secretly mix drugs into their cup to keep them addicted and use the women as sex toys. Just like that your life is ruined in an instant. If we don’t crack down on this, our country is going to get destroyed. 
  4. [+101, -3] Well, Hongbin is a BJ on Twitch.. 
  5. [+74, -2] I’m sure we’ll be hearing about him again..
  6. [+53, -2] I think it’s B. He re-debuted and started as BJ few years ago.. he’s the one that’s trending on Naver search. 
  7. [+47, -2] Ah, I seriously hate articles like this the most. Reveal his name so that the wrong people aren’t witch hunted for no reason only to later find out it was some nugu idol.. 
  8. [+34, -1] ㅋㅋ.. f*ck.. another article said the group didn’t disband and that A re-debuted again?
  9. [+25, -1] There are so many idols that debuted at that time.. we’ll never be able to guess who it is from reading articles like this.
  10. [+16, -1] I think we all know who it is seeing as they’re saying he’s a BJ.. 

Additional source: Pann

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