Male idol who sings the best among 3rd and 4th generation male idols

Who is the male idol singer who sings the best?

Who is the best singer among the 3rd or 4th generation male idols?

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1. [+271, -94] Seungkwan

2. [+227, -89] It’s the golden main vocalist Kim Jae Hwan of Wanna One. He’s on a different level from idols

3. [+226, -71] Main vocalist, visual Baekhyun

4. [+141, -13] Of course, isn’t it BTOB’s vocal line..?

5. [+124, -12] Isn’t it Seo Eunkwang? Even though I’m not a fan, I think his voice is really crazy

6. [+83, -65] To be honest, let’s admit it, it’s Chen

7. [+81, -16] Kihyun

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