Male idols who are famous for looking cold

Who are the male idols who are famous for looking cold?

I’m just talking about male idols who have a cold aura, not that their personality is cold


NCT Jaehyun


2PM Junho

The Boyz Juyeon


EXO Sehun

Seventeen Mingyu


[+100, -60]

1. [+157, -45] The legendary car-door-man gif. When I saw this for the first time, I thought he was a guy with the standard cold look, but now he looks so cute. What happened…

2. [+123, -24] Kim Seokjin is usually a warm handsome man, but sometimes he’s in cold handsome mode

3. [+95, -24] Kim Seokjin…. He looks the coldest in the world but he’s also the cutest…

4. [+56, -4] Isn’t Oh Sehun the best at this?

5. [+55, -6] Jin looks warm on pictures but he seems cold. He’s so f*cking handsome

6. [+45, -2] I can only think of Oh Sehun, the only one with a cold look is Sehun

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