Mamamoo’s agency apologizes for ‘One China’ statement posted on official account ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Mamamoo’s agency under controversy for declaring ‘One China’ statement on official Instagram

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+308] This isn’t Mamamoo’s fault, this is their agency’s, no?

2. [+237] They’re not sane

3. [+113] Isn’t this statement being made by their agency, not Mamamoo? So why the hate on Mamamoo?

4. [+74] Mamamoo should not be getting hate right now, it should be their agency. It feels wrong to make Mamamoo take the hit for this.

5. [+37] This is their agency RBW’s problem, not Mamamoo. I’m sure fans are aware but RBW has been problematic for a while now. There’s a lot if you look them up. Let me just reiterate that Mamamoo has nothing to do with this ㅠ it’s their agency that’s problematic!!

6. [+24] Mamamoo did nothing wrong… please stop using their name and the pictures for all these articles. The public will misunderstand… let’s please keep the hate centered on their agency.

7. [+16] Let’s leave Mamamoo out of this, the fault is with their agency

8. [+54] China’s money must be quite scary indeed

9. [+9] Mamamoo did not post this, their agency RBW did on their agency’s account. I don’t get why people are blaming Mamamoo for this.

10. [+5] Mamamoo needs to move agencies

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