Man in possession of ‘nth room scandal’ illegal content discovered dead ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Man in 40s commits suicide after caught owning ‘nth room scandal’ explicit content

Source: Chosun Ilbo via Naate

1. [+3,943, -114] The content must’ve been bad enough to where he’d rather be dead than have it be found by his family. These guys know that this is a heinous crime… so let it be a warning to all of you to not watch this kind of content. It’s a crime worthy of death. This man chose to watch it and chose to die.

2. [+3,230, -102] So why do something so embarrassing and make your own death something to be laughed at? Tsk.

3. [+2,710, -102] Self execution

4. [+203, -5] I don’t think he killed himself out of fear and guilt of his crime but rather the fear of losing face once his friends and family found out. People who are naturally scared of crimes and guilt don’t even get as far as committing them like this.

5. [+184, -5] If he’s in his forties,  he must have a child of similar age to these victims. I don’t feel bad about his death because I know that he didn’t kill himself out of guilt. If guilt weighed so heavily on him, he would’ve done it right after seeing the videos. He killed himself out of embarrassment. The embarrassment of others finding out. Even his death is for his own selfish reasons.

6. [+170, -14] One down, 200,000 more to go. Turn yourselves in, guys. 

7. [+125, -9] He deserves to die. As a human being, you should never even be able to stomach such content.

8. [+109, -11] Pedos deserve to die

9. [+105, -9] These people are so selfish that they’d rather die than suffer the embarrassment of others finding out but they can’t even stop to take into consideration how these female victims must feel

10. [+103, -8] Probably the best thing he’s done in his life ^^

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