Media revisit Hook CEO’s past statements after leaked audio threatening to “kill” Lee Seung-gi

Article: “I’ll spend rest of my life trying to kill Lee Seung-gi..” Hook CEO’s chilling rant causes ‘shock’

Source: SBS

The recording of Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon‘s verbal abuse is causing waves.

On the 23rd, Dispatch leaked audio recordings obtained from Lee Seung-gi’s manager of a meeting with executives on the 17th after the actor requested proof of contents for his agency . 

In the leaked audio, CEO Kwon is heard threatening executives and states, “He [Lee Seung-gi]’s not holding back anymore and is asking for accounting records. I swear on my name I’m going to kill him. I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to kill Lee Seung-gi. That motherf*cker. I swear, f*ck!”

CEO Kwon then placed blame on the accounting team for not providing the records and spat out abusive words in a furious voice. Lee Seung-gi’s manager who was also present eventually broke down and left the room in tears and stated, “I really can’t do it. I’m leaving. I really worked hard. What did I do wrong?” 

As the director consoled him, he further stated, “I really worked for 9 years. She [CEO] always picked on me in front of everyone and would threaten me saying I’m finished. How can I work if she’s asking me to “choose my loyalty wisely.” Do you know how I endured that?” 

Previously, Lee Seung-gi had sent a request for proof of contents to the agency after he revealed he had not been paid for his music for 18 years after signing an exclusive contract with Hook. Prior to this, Hook was embroiled in controversy after National Police conducted a search and seizure regarding suspicions raised by Dispatch over Park Min-young‘s ex-boyfriend. 

Regarding this, CEO Kwon had stated on the 21st, “These are malicious stories about our company and myself from nameless people who don’t care whether the rumors are true or not.”

She also publicly apologized and stated, “It’s our duty to confirm the facts in detail about stories currently circulating in the media or floating in the public eye. But as I told you from the previous press release, we’re currently in the process of sorting out the facts to confirm the truth. There’s still room for legal action in the future therefore I refrain from expressing my position.”

She added, “Until it’s clearly confirmed in the future what Hook or that person is legally entitled to, I won’t back down nor will I evade. I’ll take full responsibility.”

  1. [+813, -5] Lee Seung-gi didn’t renew his contract and set up a one-man agency. But after an article about his dating rumors with Lee Da-in broke out, suddenly he decided to renew his contract again? I knew there was something strange… 
  2. [+757, -24] A fortuneteller told Lee Seung-gi that he would be successful no matter what he did but told him he wouldn’t find success as a celebrity singer. It was really true.. in our eyes he’s already a top star but will he be able to find success? I really hope so. A bright young man like him was duped into being a slave for a desperate company like that that ripped him off and he barely made any money.. wow
  3. [+670, -3] How much money did she earn off Lee Seung-gi… and to think they really treated him like that?
  4. [+651, -5] I got goosebumps hearing that recording..
  5. [+588, -7] Even a manager of a small-medium agency wouldn’t take things to this level.. wow.. I feel sorry.
  6. [+280, -0] Even though he was their top celebrity they wouldn’t even buy him dinner and he had to purchase his own snacks?? wow
  7. [+239, -4] I’ve always thought Lee Seung-gi was a bit of a shrew with his personal life but it seems like that wasn’t the case.
  8. [+232, -1] What I really want to know is what did Lee Seung-gi do wrong?? He was such a hard working singer and actor?? I’m seriously p*ssed that he was never paid and got threatened with death and gaslighted to this level.. and this Kwon b*tch or whatever, this thug CEO needs to p*ss off and die first. I’m honestly wondering now if Lee Seon-hee really wasn’t aware of this??
  9. [+224, -2] Daebak.. they took money from him time and time again but couldn’t even pay for a 27,000 won meal?
  10. [+90 -0] Wow, this whole thing is so crazy especially seeing his manager break down in tears like that… my heart hurt seeing that. I’m glad the manager recorded that evidence so this will be helpful in court.
  11. [+89, -0] Looks like she got fat eating up all that money she earned off of someone’s back. 
  12. [+50, -0] If she was doing all that at some random meeting with executives, what kind of hell did Lee Seung-gi face all those years? This company is seriously disgusting!

Additional source: Pann

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