Megastudy math teacher who looks like BLACKPINK Jennie

Megastudy math teacher looks like BLACKPINK Jennie

1. They don’t look alike at all

2. Not Jennie, but Park Bo Eun? They look alike

3. I can’t think of Jennie at all

4. No, then all the girls with short faces look like Jennie

5. They don’t look alike, but she’s pretty

6. She looks like Song Hae Na + Esom + Heize, but she’s pretty

7. You don’t seem to know what Jennie looks like

8. I don’t know if she looks like Jennie, but she’s pretty

9. She looks like Mamamoo’s leader, but I can’t remember her name

10. She’s pretty, but I don’t feel like Jennie at all…

11. She looks like Park Bo Eun

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