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Article“He’s a good uncle but he’s not well”… Minho explains the late Jonghyun to a child

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1. [+416] I wonder how long it took him to be able to speak about it so placidly…

2. [+290] He’s a good uncle, a really good person ❤️

3. [+267] ㅠㅠ… My heart clenched when I was watching ‘Knowing Bros’ and Kim Heechul kept saying “you five guys”, “all five SHINee members”…

4. [+101] I’m really… tearing up… 😢

5. [+73] It’s just a screenshot but Minho’s facial expression is so sad that it’s making me tear up

6. [+60] I choked up watching this.. 😢

7. [+44] Wow, I’m choking up..

8. [+33] I choked up ㅠㅠ I choked up even harder watching him speak about it so kindly and placidly ㅠㅠ 😢

9. [+12] Ah~ really 😢

10. [+10] Jonghyun-ah, I miss you

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+289] I’m not a fan but I’m feeling so sad ㅠㅠ

2. [+219] It felt so sad when they talked about SHINee’s comeback on ‘Knowing Bros’ but it was as four…

3. [+104] I’m not a SHINee fan or even Jonghyun fan but every time I listen to the song ‘Breathe’… I feel so sad… and tear up at the thought of how difficult.. lonely.. and painful he must’ve felt.. so upsetting..

4. [+150] I choked up seeing the space they left for Jonghyun when they were dancing the medley on ‘Knowing Bros’ 😢

5. [+17] Truly an innocent question by the child because she doesn’t know and yet it’s so sad…

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