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Article: ‘Misaeng’ scriptwriter says he imagined Song Joong Ki for Jang Geurae, not Im Siwan

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+105] Im Siwan already played the character and ended the drama on a positive note. Not sure what the point is in saying that he imagined someone else. What does that make Im Siwan then? I doubt it’ll make him feel good.

2. [+72] Im Siwan did so well, though

3. [+45] I’d still choose Im Siwan

4. [+20] Why would you take this long to bother saying who you imagined the character for? 

5. [+13] Im Siwan 👏👏

6. [+9] Hmm.. come to think of it.. I do see an overlap between Im Siwan and Song Joong Ki in terms of voice tone.. facial expressions.. they look quite alike..

7. [+7] I’d still go for Im Siwan~~!!!!

8. [+3] Im Siwan did really well~~

9. [+4] I am curious to see Song Joong Ki’s version of the character 😍

10. [+3] Im Siwan is Jang Geurae himself, such a perfect fit

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