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Miss Korea can’t edit hanboks but BLACKPINK can? Double standards

original post: theqoo

1. The reporter who wrote this article really has no brain

2. No, you can see the difference just by looking at those pictures…

3. Is the reporter stupid?

4. One side is the stage outfit and the other side is lingerie. Why are you comparing?

5. The BLACKPINK hanboks are pretty, but the Miss Korea hanboks are disgusting

original post: naver

1. [+6181, -899] The BLACPINK hanboks and the Miss Korea hanboks are different in design, but why are you comparing?… BLACKPINK edited hanboks to match their song, but the Miss Korea hanboks were controversial because they almost replaced the swimsuit competition with hanboks.

2. [+4181, -1256] The Miss Korea hanboks are basically lingerie, is this a joke?

3. [+2168, -303] I’m not a BLACKPINK fan but their hanbok looks like it was tailored to look like they’re about to perform traditional outdoor play……… While the Miss Korea hanboks look like lingerie, this makes me uncomfortable.

4. [+1651, -168] Just by looking at those pictures, the BLACKPINK hanboks are completely different from the Miss Korea hanboks… I feel embarrassed when I look at the Miss Korea hanboks… What’s wrong with your eyes? Why? Did you ever feel embarrassed when you looked at the BLACKPINK hanboks? I find the BLACKPINK hanboks so pretty

5. [+1454, -190] One side reinterpreted the hanbok while the other side basically turned it into lingerie or corset. Miss Korea itself is a controversial competition and the hanbok styles they wore had completely different intentions to BLACKPINK’s.

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