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Momoland Hyebin’s side “It’s true that she’s dating Marco”

Momoland’s Hyebin and ex-UNB member Marco are officially dating!

On May 17 KST, Momoland’s agency MLD Entertainment announced, “It’s true that the two are dating. However, because it is their private life, it’s difficult to reveal any specifics.”

Rumors of their relationship first began when netizens noticed the two idols’ various couple items, including long padding coats, watches, and other accessories. cr

original post: theqoo

1. I don’t even know who they are

2. What? Suddenly? Are there any photos of the two of them dating?

3. What happened? Why did they suddenly admit it? What is Marco doing these days?

4. I know the two of them, but it’s an unexpected combination

5. The two of them look alike in the picture

6. But I heard Marco came to the fan group chat saying he’s not dating

7. There are dating rumors…?

8. He shouldn’t have come to the fan group chat saying he’s not dating… This is worse than dating

9. Even if they denied it, no one would care except the fans, but they admitted it

10. Marco? Looks like I saw him on an audition show

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