More “dating” pictures of BTS V and Jennie in “couple” items leaked

Article: “V-Jennie, this time a “couple tee” picture… dating rumors ‘again’

Source: iMBC

More “dating” pictures of BTS V and Blackpink Jennie have been leaked. 

On the 29th, a photo of a man and woman presumed to be V and Jennie were leaked on SNS and online communities. In the photo, the two are seen taking a mirror selca in an elevator wearing matching ‘couple’ white and black tees with ‘pooh’ characters.

This is not the first time the two have been rumored to be dating. Earlier, more leaked pictures of V and Jennie in a waiting room as well as pictures taken at V’s apartment hallway were leaked. 

Despite the dating rumors, both Big Hit and YG are continuing to remain ‘silent.’ 

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