More victims come forward with accounts of bullying by actor Ji Soo ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: “What about if you moved?” Unable to get Ji Soo’s bullying under control, victim’s homeroom teacher makes suggestion to parents

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1. [+2,022] I don’t know how he could have ever thought to stand before the public as a celebrity…; I really just don’t get it

2. [+1,093] I’m only reading this as a third party and even I’m so scared….

3. [+913] Sigh, he just wasn’t human…

4. [+282] The account of him s*xually assaulting a same-sex classmate was daebak shocking… This is not a case where reflection is enough, he should just go to jail, no?

5. [+305] So what’s the result? He’s just going to run away to the army and that’s it?

6. [+168] Please, please don’t ever think of coming back to the celebrity industry and just live the rest of your life doing charity work

7. [+152] This is the reality of our school system ㅡㅡ even when a student is blatantly committing wrongs like this, the teacher can’t do anything because parents will immediately file complaints and reports against them for reprimanding their child ㅡㅡ imagine how bad it was for the teacher to suggest moving away as a solution ㅜㅜㅜ

8. [+60] I thought it was odd how Ji Soo’s violent acting felt so natural. That suspicion has now come back as a sword against his neck. I wonder if he regrets it now? Because surely he knew back then that bullying was wrong? 

9. [+33] It was worse when I was in school… whenever you complained to the teachers that you were being bullied, they’d make you out to be weak because it was a headache for them to deal with it. If you were the weak one, they just left you to suffer…

10. [+25] We need to block him from ever returning to the industry for the sake of his victims 👏👏👏👏

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