Music show MCs that are the best according to netizens – Netizens talk about K-Pop

Honestly, which MCs are the best?

Miyeon, Nam Yoon Su

ENHYPEN Sunghoon, Jang Wonyoung

NCT Jungwoo, Stray Kids Lee Know, Kim Minju

NCT Sungchan, Ahn Yujin, Treasure Jihoon

original post: pann

1. [+398, -28] WooJuHo (NCT Jungwoo, Kim Minju, Stray Kids Lee Know)

2. [+228, -26] NiNiNi, please bring back Ahn Yujin…

3. [+192, -26] Personally, Jang Wonyoung is the best, and overall, the MCs of ‘Music Core’ do the best

4. [+103, -5] I love WooJuHo!

5. [+80, -0] WooJuHo is so cute

6. [+60, -8] I’m curious about the ‘Music Bank’ MCs the most and want to see them

What do you think?

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