‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’ drops to 3% viewer ratings ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Despite Jang Ki Yong x Hyeri’s chemistry, ‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’ records lowest viewer ratings in the 3%

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1. [+70] I know that viewer ratings are important but I think the more we obsess over it, the more pressure it puts on the actors for their dramas and movies… Obviously viewers are going to like or dislike the drama.. I personally find it pretty damn fun. Jang Ki Yong is so handsome…

2. [+46] I find it fun…

3. [+35] There are people like me who wait all week for this drama. I think it’s the best these days.

4. [+41] Honestly, I can get away with just watching the clips uploaded to YouTube so I don’t feel the need to tune in on TV. That’s probably why the viewer ratings are like this.

5. [+10] I think it’s damn good

6. [+11] The drama’s good but Hyeri’s acting isn’t dynamic enough. Her facial expressions are quite simple… there’s a lot to be desired.

7. [+12] As someone who read the original work, Hyeri’s acting is good but it feels more like she’s playing Hyeri herself than the character she’s meant to… 

8. [+2] Huh? I think it’s fun

9. [+2] The drama’s not bad but I think the people who already saw the original aren’t bothering with this

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